Top Management


Executive Chairman - Chief George Igboegwu

Nigerian businessman with over 35 years experience. Since completing his undergraduate degree, and then MBA from the College of Notre Dame in the United States, Chief Igboegwu has set up and successfully run several businesses under the Westron Group. 

As a philanthropist, he is the primary donor and benefactor to several charities, NGOs and social enterprises. Most recently, the Odu Igboegwu Trust, a non-profit aimed at providing free loans and business training to aid the financial empowerment of rural women. 

Chief Igboegwu is the recipient of numerous honours and awards for business as well as for his charity works. 



managing director - george igboegwu jr.

George Igboegwu Jr. is an alumnus of the University of Warwick, and completed his MBA at the  University of Cambridge. 

He spent nearly a decade working in finance sector in London, primarily as an algorithmic trader in various hedge funds. In addition, he successfully founded and ran a strategy consultancy practice, where he advised several large international clients.

He oversees the day to day operations of the various businesses under the Westron group, and is responsible for determining strategy direction.